How to save money on Christmas shopping

How to save money on Christmas shopping?

The holiday season is nearing and you must be excited for Christmas! Well, the gift-giving holiday might drain your wallet empty, if you are not careful. Get everyone a gift they love with smart planning and shopping this holiday.

And, if you are wondering, when is the best time to shop for Christmas gifts? It’s now. Start saving and buying gifts one at a time.


10 Money Saving Tips for Christmas Shopping

Get some ideas on how to save money on Christmas shopping, so you don’t end up paying for the gifts long after the holidays.


1. Shop with a click

Christmas shopping means there are a bunch of people also shopping out for the best things and deals in store. Too much crowd! Instead go for online shopping. You can compare prices online for each product with ease. Find online holiday discounts, sales and specials from retailers which you don’t get if you shop in stores. Online shopping can help you save a LOT on all things from clothes to electronics. And, DO NOT forget to get free or cheap shipping.


2. Use online coupons

When you can get different deals to cut prices for an item, why pay in full? Save money on Christmas shopping by doing a little research on deals and cuts online. Retailers use these online coupons to attract more shoppers into their stores. So, go on the worldwideweb and find printable coupons online by searching retailer’s name and ‘coupon code’.


3. Don’t use credit cards from department store

If you want to save money on your Christmas shopping, it’s a good idea to not to get a store credit card. When the store personnel asks you to have one to get heavy discounts for your holiday shopping, skip it. These credit cards have large interest rates, so if you don’t pay on time, it becomes a definite burden on your wallet. Also, do not get multiple credit cards as they can do real damage to your credit score.


4. Do your Christmas shopping with cash

When you shop using cash, you are more aware of how much your spending is and cut or budget your Christmas shopping spree accordingly. But, when you use credit cards, you don’t give too much thought on spending and the total expense is going to shock you afterwards.


5. Don’t go after brand names

Heavily marketed products tend to be super expensive as they also carry the cost of advertisements. Branded products may not necessarily be a perfect gift as hammered in marketing campaigns. You can find quality products to give out as Christmas gifts that are less known products and much affordable.


6. Always ask for a discount

Never hesitate to ask for discount to a retail manager. Stores will only offer you great discounts if you ask them, otherwise they’ll just benefit from handing you a product at its highest price. Don’t be shy, but brave. You will be glad that you asked because almost all stores will give you a holiday discount.


7. Buy in bulk

We know that bulk buying saves you a lot of money even on a normal day, so why not go for it this holiday season as well. Plus, you already need to feed a lot of people. Buy grocery items in bulk from candy and nuts to rice, spices to save money on your holiday meal.


8. Get creative with homemade items

Why buy expensive scarf when you can knit? Make use of your skills and give creative homemade gifts for Christmas. If you love to take photos, capture beautiful and meaningful moments into photographs, have it framed and gift them. If you love to cook and bake then make a delicious spread for the holidays from meals to cookies and desserts, go nuts.


9. Don’t throw away the receipts

For both online shopping and in-stores ones, do not throw away your receipts. Keep them all safely. You will find that retailers usually cut down prices. If you see an item you bought recently say the day before yesterday is now on sale, take the receipt and ask the manager for discount. Most often than not, store managers will make adjustment to the price till up to 10 days. You just need to show them the receipt within the valid date.


10. Reuse wrapping paper

People go for the gifts inside and not the wrapping paper. So, if possible don’t use wrapping paper as it is likely to be thrown out. But, if you cannot do without wrapping up your gifts nice and clean, then buy them after the holidays when it’s 50% off and use them for the holiday next year or any holiday for that matter. Another thing you could do is, not throw out the shiny & costly wrapping paper. Instead, tuck it away for reuse on your next gift giving session.


Hope these tips on how to save money on Christmas shopping come in handy for you this holiday season. Got money saving tips and tricks of your own, do share in the comments. We would love to hear them.