Top 5 Spring Summer Trends 2016

Top 5 Spring Summer Trends in 2016

The fashion trends are always changing and it’s no big surprise in 2016 as well. These changes are what make your life full of fun. From colors to materials and accessories and some of your favorite things to wear is going to revamp your look for the fresh new start of 2016.


Big 5 Fashion Trends 2016

So, have a look at what to expect in next spring / summer.


1.     Vivid Colors

Summer is synonyms with bright colors and vice-versa. So, it’s time to put on some vibrant colors. Wondering which way to go in 2016?

Well as indicated in spring summer trends for the coming year, you get to choose from light green, blue, orange and red. You can mix and match these colors with your clothes and even accessories.

Since, these colors are well-loved in Boss collections as well as Ralph Lauren, you can bet it’s going to be a vibrant spring & summer just like the season calls for. Besides these colors, you can go with your favorite colors, just make sure they are bright and inviting.


2.     Silk

The evergreen material that feels luxurious on your skin is going to be one of the best things your eyes will feast on next spring summer trends. Silk is always in fashion trends but 2016 will see a lot of it in all its glory.

From structured jackets in Givenchy to flowy and sensual dresses in Calvin Klein, silk will be all the rage next spring & summer. And why wouldn’t it be? Looking and feeling like a goddess is an awesome thing!


3.     Bare shoulders

What’s sexy without being too revealing, you ask? I say bare shoulders. As seen in most of the collections for 2016 spring summer, bare shoulders are attractive & sexy. And you will be flaunting it in no time.

Like the sexy back (even glorified by the super hot Justin Timberlake in his song, you know which song I’m talking about) bare shoulders are sensual and there will be plenty of dresses and tops that will accentuate your shoulders as well as your lovely curves.


4.     The letter ‘X’

Now you may have seen this here and there but it’s seems that the letter X would also be a part of spring summer trends in 2016. And it will hit the ground running. This one is sure to catch your eye on either simply printed on a t-shirt or forming by crossing suspenders, or any other creative way you can come up with.


5.     Crochet

Crochet is making a comeback with full power in 2016 spring summer trends. We have seen the use of crochet rising slowly in recent years. The reappearance of crochet was welcomed and hailed by many likes of who were Delpozo, Tommy Hilfiger (swimsuits) and many others. It’s a blast from the past (1970’s to be exact) that’s going to rock your wardrobe next spring/summer.


These were the top 5 spring summer trends in 2016 that you won’t be able to escape, so embrace them along with a number of other beautiful and stunning trends for looking gorgeous all the time.


Bring out the fashionista in you!