Few tips for safety of your ATV

Not only ATVs are used as a recreational purpose, they are great and convenient ride for farmers and ranchers. They are handy and helpful farm tools when you have to get out to your field or pull little loads like food or hardware. No wonder they are called All Terrain Vehicles.  Using them for recreational purposes has its own hazards and dangers.


Following some basic principles can bring down the danger of a mishap event that may occur. Here are some tips that you should follow next time you ride an ATV, which will ensure the safety of your ride.

Young rider safety


Kids and youths are more likely to get injured than adults on an ATV. As indicated by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, four out of 10 individuals treated each year in emergency rooms for ATV injuries are under the age of 16.

Before giving a youngster a chance to ride an ATV, ensure his or her physical size, coordination, balance, capacity to judge distances, readiness to follow the rules and peripheral vision are adequate for the task.

The Golden Rules


As indicated by the ATC Safety Institute, all relatives and representatives must take after these safety guidelines while working on an ATV, whether for work or play.

  1. Always wear a helmet and other protective apparatus, for example long pants, boots and gloves.
  2. Never ride on public roads.
  3. Never operate or ride while under the influence of liquor and drugs.
  4. Never carry a passenger on a single-rider vehicle.
  5. Always ride an ATV that is for your size and age. Follow the engine size guidelines as per the age, which are as follows:

o   Age 6 and older: Under 70cc engine

o   Age 12 and older: Under 70cc to 90cc engine

o   Age 16 and older: Over 90cc engine

  1. Always supervise riders less than 16 years of age and make sure of their safety.
  2. Ride only at safe speeds on designated trails.
  3. Get some safety training course.


Insurance is the most


If you plan on taking an ATV that is insured under your farm policy off your premises to ride for fun, let your agent know it. Liability insurance for off-premises recreational use of an ATV is not covered by most farm policies. Endorsements can be made to adjust the policy. Make sure to get insured and covered before an accident.

ATVs are both helpful and fun. Get to know about the proper rules and regulations before riding and ATV, it will make sure that you are safe and secure during the ride.

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