Prolong Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Prolong Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Are you having the problem of shortening battery life? Low battery life is a common problem with laptops and also never seems to last long enough. There are several factors needed to be considered while purchasing a laptop and battery life is one of those important subjects. Number of simple steps should be considered so that you can increase the charge duration and overall life span of batteries.


Make sure your laptop is unplugged from the power source while working until it is fully drained. The longer battery life is very important to maximize the effectiveness of the laptop. We cannot turn a laptop without much stamina into whole time workhorse but you can help it go for longer period without an outlet with the help of following tips.


Dim the screen

Display plays a vital role in the battery drain on any modern portable electronic device whether it’s a laptop, smartphone or tablet. So, make sure you reduce screen’s brightness while working or not unless you need it so that you can squeeze significantly more time for your battery. To do this, simply hold Function (Fn) key and press the brightness buttons on your laptop keyboard.

Or you can have your display automatically turn off when you step away from your laptop for a few minutes. Open the Power options dialog in the control panel and set your display to dim and turn off after a certain period of time.


Don’t leave your battery on permanent charge

Leaving your battery on a permanent charge is not good for its long term health. While you can find some manufacturers providing a utility that limits the battery from fully charging. With this utility, you can prevent your battery from degradation and allows leaving the battery always connected to the source.


Avoid Heat

You need to make sure the battery is not exposed to high temperatures or overheat, which acts as a helpful aid to the quicker aging of the battery and as a result it decreases the performances of the battery. In order to prevent this, a cooling pad or hibernate at frequent intervals will be very helpful to avoid overheating of a battery and thus increase the battery life of your laptop. Also, remember to buy a spare battery for emergencies and to maximize the productivity of your laptop. Hotter the battery, the quicker it degrades, therefore, keep it cool.


Disable Intensive Background Apps

Make sure the applications that make extensive use of the processor or the network is closed when your laptop isn’t plugged in with the source. Also, you can confirm that windows update and other software updating tools aren’t attempting to download large software patches. Periodically checking on your network usage for unexplained spikes will allow you to identify and stop large file transfers before they swallow up a precious minute of battery life.
Follow these tips to find your phone last a little longer between recharges. Do you find important tips missing to share? You are always welcome to share your tips thoughts and ideas in the comments below.