World of Watches

Watches are one of the symbols of social status. It is regarded as necessity, accessory and luxury. Watch is a timepiece responsible for giving correct current time. But now these watches have become more than just a timepiece as they are integrated with different functionalities. Water resistant, chronograph, radio clock, heart rate monitors, moon phase, GPS navigator and calculator are some of the common features incorporated in watch.

To meet the specific need of customers watch manufacturers are coming out with customizing facility.

Watches come in different forms like neck piece, wristwatch, and pocket watch or sometimes as ring watches. Some of these watches are mostly designer or luxury accessory. Wristwatches and antique pocket watches are not just considered as timepiece but jewelry or collectibles of art as well.

The appealing designs of these timepieces are heating the watch market since long back. Different brands have different designs matching the need of the wearer: Casual, sport, diving or space watches. These watches can be analog, digital or tactile giving correct time.

There are various types of watch found in the market which are normally categorized as expensive and inexpensive. The price of watches differ as per its brand. The embedded functions in watch along with its design and plating are also responsible for its shooting price.

Most of us would like to be fashionable and some of us are fashionable with brand consciousness. And, the same thing is applied over watch lover too. Some buy watches just as hobby. They collect it for its trendy and classic designs. With every passing day watch makers are bringing out designs that are very crafty and eye-catching which watch lovers would love to buy or gift them to important or special people of their life.

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